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Exhibition --- Velotype VOF

Velotype VOF is a small company, founded by Wim Gerbecks and Sander Pasveer in 2009. It is the only company in the world that produces and sells the Velotype PRO© keyboard. The Velotype keyboard is a chord keyboard, suitable for many different languages. This ergonomic keyboard allows the user to type at the speed of speech with a minimal effort.

Besides the keyboard, Velotype VOF develops other products for realtime captioning solutions. Such as the Velotype Academy. Software learning how to use the Velotype Pro© keyboard. VeloNote, a special developed text editor, specially designed realtime text interpreters. VeloTitle, live subtitling software for television. And Text-on-Top©. This USB device enables text interpreters a lot of flexibility in live subtitling situation. Wireless sending text to a presenter's laptop and presenting it in the form of subtitles on top of any application.

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