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INTERSTENO - International Federation for Information and Communication Processing

Speech capturing competiton

Monday 24th July, 08.00 h


Location depends on language and technology. Check carefully and be at the correct venue!

Hollywood Media Hotel

First floor

  • Czech, keyboard > Paramount (HL)
  • Chinese, chord > Babelsberg (HL)
  • German, graphic > Columbia/MGM (HR)
  • Turkish, keyboard > Bavaria (HR)

Rackow Schule

Second floor

  • English, voice > Rackow R3
  • Finnish, graphic > Rackow R4
  • German, keyboard > Rackow R8

Third floor

  • English, keyboard > Rackow R17
  • Italian, keyboard > Rackow R18
  • Italian, voice > Rackow R19
  • Hungarian, graphic > Rachow R20


Plan Rackow Schule

Plan Hollywood Media Hotel



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