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INTERSTENO - International Federation for Information and Communication Processing

Olympic Stadium, Sanssouci Park , and the Potsdam Dutch Quarter

Please don't register if you are visiting the German Parliament with our IPRS-section (on invitation) or if you are participating in the youth event!

Potsdam was the country residence of the Prussian and German kings from the 18th century onward.  The most famous architects, painters, and landscape designers worked here.

09.00 h Depart the Hollywood Media Hotel and drive through the green area of West Berlin toward Potsdam past the Charlottenburg Palace, the largest and most beautiful palace in Berlin.
09.30 h

Stop at the Olympia stadium, Berlin's largest sports stadium. Visit the Glockenturm (bell tower) for a panoramic city view of the western part of Berlin and the Grunewald (green forest).

For many years the original stadium here served as headquarters for the British armed forces in Berlin.  It was the sight of the stadium for the 1936 Olympics.
10.45 h

Pass through the Grunewal along the Havel River to the Wannsee (lake) near Potsdam.  Drive over the Glienicker Bridge* for a nice view of the Babelsberg and Kleinglienicke Palaces.  In the town of Pottsdam, visit the old section of Dutch buildings constructed for artisans from the Netherlands.

Free time for lunch (not included).

Guided walk through the gardens of the Sanssouci Palace and the new gardens at the famous Cecilienhof Palace.**

16.00 h Return to the Hollywood Media Hotel through the upscale Grunewald neighborhood with Berlins most exclusive residences.  Pass by the legendary Avus race track and arrive at the Hollywood Media Hotel at about 16.00 h.


Wednesday, 26 July at 09.00 h

Transport by bus
Min. participants 35
Departure Hollywood Media Hotel, 09.00 h
Arrival Hollywood Media Hotel, 16.00 h
Duration ca. 7 hours
Participation fee

35,00 EUR/person
Entrance in Olympia stadium and bell tower included
No lunch included

*The Glienicker Brücke, also known as the Bridge of Spies, was in the most remote southwest section of the American Sector of West Berlin.  Here on 10 February 1962 the Russian spy, Colonel Rudolf Abel, was exchanged for Francis Gary Powers, the pilot of the shot down U-2 spy plane.  The 2015 film Bridge of Spies starred Tom Hanks as the individual who negotiated for the exchange.  There are scenes from this bridge and the divided East and West Berlin of that time.

**This palace was the site of the 17 July – 2 August Potsdam Conference with Churchill, Stalin, and Truman.  The structure for post-war Europe was set up here with boundaries that lasted until the dissolution of the East German government (DDR/GDR) and the fall of the Berlin Wall, 9 November 1989.

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