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INTERSTENO - International Federation for Information and Communication Processing

General information on competitions


  • Competitions TP, TC, WP and AT are organized in the Hollywood Media Hotel, 1st floor on Sunday 23rd July. For these competitions individual tables are allocated.
    Training moment on Saturday morning, 22nd July, from 11.00 h.
  • Competitions ML are organized in the Rackow Schule, 3rd floor on Saturday 22nd July.
  • Competitions NT, SC and RT are organized in both Hollywood Media Hotel and Rackow Schule, depending on your language and used technology. NT on Sunday 23rd, SC and RT on Monday 24th July.
  • Competition tables are 74 cm (some 72 cm) high. Chairs are 47 cm high. Eventually bring a pillow or other object to sit higher if needed.

Walking distance between the 2 venues: about 10 minutes.

Be on time at the correct venue!

Your personal data

Login to your personal data at My Data > My personal data.

These data will be used for all congress activities. It's your responsibility to have them registered correctly.

Your individual results on most competitions will be published in that page as soon as available.

Go to detailled information on your competitions:

Read the instructions and procedures on your competition(s) carefully and consult al information.